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WhereCam - 2021 Apr

Find places in writing by pointing a camera at it. Webapp that works with iOS Safari and Android Chrome.

Obsessive Collective - 2021 Apr

A webapp for collecting photos of things you love.

Snow Map Japan - 2021 Jan

A site to visualize and present the 500+ ski areas in Japan. In constant development.

ML Photo Booth - 2020

Experiments with face detection through ML. A photo Booth where the direction you look at the camera is ignored and instead you control the size and direction you face.

quickelement - 2020

Javascript module for creating HTML elements quickly

COVID-19 Japan - 2020

Japan-wide COVID-19 tracking. Implemented and maintain the frontend, backend and data collection, project with Shane Reustle.

Generative Geometric Patterns - 2019

A second series of generative pieces, this time focusing on very regular geometric shapes like circles and triangles.

Japan Train Line Browser - 2019

Plotting every train line in Japan.

Generative Art Sketches - 2018

On and off experiments with generative art sketches.

Icon Supply - 2018

Placeholder icons for your iPhone homescreen. Collab with alcor.

Need a Hand Chrome Extension - 2012

A Chrome extension that helps you point

Walk all Manhattan - 2012

Tracking all my walks around Manhattan.

Street View Photographer - 2012

Apply image filters to street view like it is Instagram.

Webview Screensaver for Mac - 2010

A Mac OS X screensaver that shows a web page.

Album Art Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard - 2005

Development from 2005 to 2009.

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