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These are python bindings for an excellent ID3 tag reader and writer library called libid3tag. The library is a part of the MAD MP3 decoding suite. Although these bindings are just 0.2, they are pretty complete.

Anyway, eventually, I found libid3tag which was very nice and I whipped up a quick C program to convert all my MP3s. I decided that I might like to make this available to other python scripts so I spent some time to figure out SWIG and write some decent bindings for it.

I'm only a SWIG beginner so there maybe some things that are implemented inefficiently. But on the whole, it should be working fine. I'm trying to learn how to whip up some test suites as well so I can do some regression testing on it.

Anyway, enjoy.

Download: python-id3tag-0.1.tar.bz2

Last Updated: 9 Oct 2003