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EyeTunes.framework is a Cocoa Framework that abstracts away all the ugly Carbon Apple Events magic and allows you to directly control iTunes from any Cocoa Application.



To grab an NSImage from the current playing track (say you're implementing some new album art viewier), you can use this simple snippet:

#import <EyeTunes/EyeTunes.h>

- (NSImage *) getArtworkOfPlayingSong {
    EyeTunes *eyetunes = [EyeTunes sharedInstance];
    ETTrack *currentTrack = [eyetunes currentTrack];
    if (!currentTrack)
       return nil;

    return [[currentTrack artwork] objectAtIndex:0];

Project Page

For instructions on how to use it, please go to the EyeTunes project page. Mirror of source is on EyeTunes Github Source.