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What is this?

Fruity is an fresh alternative way to browse the iTunes Music Store.

By dragging any link from the iTunes Music Store into Fruity, you will have access to a continuous sample of the album. In addition to that, it will seek out all the albums that are related to the one you're listening to.

You can also copy and paste links from iTunes if you're not dextrous with your mouse.


Download Fruity

Download Fruity 1.0 (368KB - 10 May 2006)

Requires Mac OS X 10.4. It is freeware.


How to use Fruity

Drag (or copy and paste) any link from the iTunes Music Store to the application and it will automatically start playing. There are buttons to skip forward or back and the ability to pause. The button on the bottom right jumps you to iTunes page for the sample you are listening to.

Happy exploring!


1.0 (10 May 2006)

0.3 (27 Apr 2006)

0.2.1 (22 Apr 2006)

0.2 (20 Apr 2006)


Fruity was created by Alastair Tse.